~ Composer & Pianist – George Beentjes ~

‘Let these timeless songs of joy and sorrow carry you away into a musical landscape well over a century ago’

“What you have created will comfort and inspire many ... it is a great gift of your soul and I am deeply touched and inspired by it.”

Kimberlee Dray, Violinist

Let me to introduce myself, my name is George Beentjes – Pianist and composer. While traveling to Weimar, the USA and Mexico in spring 2017, the combination of classic poetry, rich in symbolism, and the ever changing landscapes left a profound impression and nourished the inspiration to compose nine songs.  After two previous albums based on virtuosity, this album signifies a tremendous shift, a return to the core, tranquility, beauty and grace.

Upon return pen was put to paper, scores were written, a project initiated to realize recordings of outstanding quality. Within a forthnight funds were raised, thanks to active support by keyfigures from Dutch Opera, and contributions by VSB fonds and AFK Foundation.

Recordings took place under supervision of Galaxy Studios in Belgium in Autumn 2017. The vocals brilliantly executed by the gifted soprano Christy Luth, currently attaining her Masters Degree at Prins Claus Conservatory.